Biological Agents

SRS provides natural methods of controlling pests such as palm leaf-eating caterpillars and beetles through the use of other organisms. As they rely on biological rather than chemical mechanisms, a controlled use of these methods will help get rid of pests with less negative impact to the environment Ultimately, our biological control products help increase oil palm productivity by improving crop health and maintaining ecological balance.


Our biofertilizer products contain living microorganisms that help promote crop growth by increasing the supply or the availability of important nutrients. They contain no chemicals that are harmful to the soil. Applying our products will allow oil palm growers to restore the soil’s natural nutrient cycle, build soil organic matter, and maintain healthy crops, while ensuring the sustainability of the environment.

Palm Oil Pollen

SRS offer pollen products that come entirely from the male flowers of our oil palms during the anthesis period. The application of this product will benefit plantations struggling with natural pollination due to a low number of male flowers or bad weather. With viability rate over 70%, our pollen products help improve oil palm pollination and the fruit set value of the fresh fruit bunches.