Contain 100% pollen from male flowers of our oil palms during the anthesis period, our pollen products help improve oil palm pollination and the fruit set value of the fresh fruit bunches with  viability rate over 70%

Product Information

Nett Weight : 50 grams

Composition : 100% pure oil palm pollen

Viability : > 70%

Indications : Helps increase the success of oil palm pollination through assisted pollination

How to use

For assisted pollination

    • Enter a mixture of pollen and talcum  into a spray tube or pollinator tube with a ratio of 1: 5 (1 part of pollen and 5 part of talcum).

Application is done by spraying the mixture to whole part of receptive female flower (10 times)

For hatch and carry applications

    • Enter pure pollen into the spray tube / pollinator tube.


Store in the freezer (-18∞C to -20∞C) and protected from sunlight.